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Mark 11: Focusing on What’s Really Necessary

posted Oct 23, 2012, 3:32 PM by solomon yang

They were providing “necessary” services. The money changers helped the pilgrims from different parts of the empire exchange their local currencies for the currencies they needed to pay the temple tax. The merchants helped the same pilgrims acquire doves, lambs, and other animals they needed for various sacrifices. These arrangements were part of the religious establishment, things people had come to expect, things in place to improve their worship experience.

But what was intended to help worship actually ended up hindering worship. Just their presence  in the temple precinct turned a place of worship into a market place. Worshipers looking around for the lowest exchange rate. Worshipers shopping around for the best bargain on the animals. All the hustle and bustle effectively drowned any sense of the holy in the place that God called “my house.” The place that was meant to be a place of communion between God and man had become a place of commerce, a place where “necessary” business was done.

Jesus sees all that and is filled with anger and grief. Don’t they realize that only one thing is truly necessary? “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’?” (11:17). How often do we let “necessary” things keep us from God? Sometimes we get so busy getting ready for worship, leading a part of worship, doing something “necessary” for worship that we fail to really worship. Does that please God or grieve Him? Many times we get so caught up doing important things, “necessary” things-like studying, working, taking care of kids, etc.-that we don’t have time for God. More truthfully, we don’t make time for God. We’re too busy to be still in God’s presence. But that’s what we really need. More of God in our lives.

What “necessary” things are keeping you from God today? Won’t you take the time now to commune with God? You need Him more than anything else. He’s really all that you need.