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Reflection on John 14: Invitation to Trust

posted Jan 22, 2015, 12:29 PM by solomon yang

Jesus’ invitation, “Trust God; Trust also in me” (14:1), came to the disciples on the heels of His prediction of His imminent betrayal and departure. Who are these disciples? They are the ones who had left everything behind to follow Jesus. Why did they do that? Because they believed that He was the Messiah, the one who would restore Israel to its former glory, ushering in the Kingdom of God on earth. Just a few days earlier, they had accompanied Jesus in the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, while the massive crowd hailed Jesus as the King of Israel. The disciples probably thought that the hour of their dream coming true was at hand.

But to their utter dismay, Jesus announced a very devastating news. He would be gone before any glory they had come to expect could materialize. How do you think such news affected them? I’m sure you can relate to what the disciples must have felt. Unmet expectations, unfulfilled dreams, losses, failures, trials, setbacks, all the difficulties of life tax us and trigger those nagging questions.   “Does God care?” “Does God really love me?” “How can God let this happen?”  Jesus’ words, then as now, are a clarion call to trust in Him who often works beyond our understanding.

We will trust God to the degree that we know that we are loved by Him. Have you noticed the incredible trust children have in their parents? Little kids will jump off just about anything, trusting you’ll catch them. Where does such trust come from? From having been loved! They trust that mommy and daddy who love them and care for them will be there for them. Trust is produced when we know that we are loved.

I think it’s noteworthy that the invitation to trust Jesus here follows the demonstration of His love to the full extent in chapter 13. Trust is not self-initiated or self-manufactured. Trust cannot be self-supplied. It happens as we immerse ourselves in God’s love. Ultimately, trust flows from the rocks of Calvary. God showed us the full extent of His love for us by sacrificing His Son for us. Is your trust rooted in such love? Our trust grows when we focus on the fact that we’re loved with never stopping, never giving up, unrelenting, always and forever love.